Intelligent Inventory Management, POS & CRM Systems

Aralco specializes in Inventory Control, Point of Sale, CRM, fully integrated e-Commerce and mobile applications. Combined with online business intelligence reporting and available customization, Aralco is an invaluable tool to manage single & multi-branch operations.

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Aralco Retail Systems

Aralco Retail Systems has been in operation in Canada since 1982 with a primary focus on inventory control and retail management software including point of sale (POS), Back Office and administration software design, data processing, database design, consulting, custom software development, installation, training and support.

With recent developments, Aralco stands poised to leap into a variety of new industries across the globe. Whether you are in the business of apparel, furniture, grocery, plumbing, services or retail where charges are by the hour, Aralco's POS Software solutions ensure retail and wholesale businesses have all the necessary tools to succeed in the global marketplace.

Aralco on the Go!

Aralco offers a simple yet functional mobile POS application allowing you to do real-time Inventory & Product Look-ups, Physical Counts, Goods Receiving and Transfers.

Create real-time Dashboard Reports using a multitude of filters.

Aralco provides fast, accurate and low-maintenance e-Commerce solutions.

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Why Aralco

Full Custom Solution Services

Once the standard system is implemented, we offer customization to adapt the Aralco software to our client's specific needs which could include new additions to the program as well as modifications to existing functions.

Accurate Inventory Control with full Audit & History

Advanced Inventory Control & intelligent Automatic Stock Replenishment solutions, full audit using "smart" physical counts, drill down to "activity" history such as receiving, transfers, sales, return to vendors, best & worst selling items, support for multi-dimensional grid matrix, serial numbers, weights & measures support.

Features for a Vast Variety of Businesses

With clients in over 25 industries, features specific to other industries can be used to create a system unique to your business and not just your industry.