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Plumbing and Electrical Supplies POS System

In a competitive and complex business of plumbing & electrical supplies, with numerous products, parts,
combinations and possibilities, business managers need to be on top of product knowledge, supplier price changes,
customer orders, purchasing, deliveries, store distribution and many aspects of inventory management.

It is important that you have a powerful, feature-rich and accurate inventory management software & POS system to keep your business organized and the information you need at your fingertips. No matter what your business size, we offer a complete Plumbing & Electrical Inventory & POS System to manage your stores & warehouses. Build customer loyalty while increasing productivity with our easy-to-use yet powerful inventory tracking system.

Our POS Features for Plumbing & Electrical Supplies Include:

  • Retail and Wholesale
  • Unlimited Customer “Group” Pricing
  • Customer Past Purchase History
  • Customer Order Entry, Required Date, Product/ Supplier Lead-Time & ETA Calculations
  • Orders, Partial Shipments, Deposit Calculations
  • Auto Import Customer Orders into Manual Purchase Orders by Supplier
  • Automatic Purchase Orders based on Customer Orders and Product Performance
  • Automatic Distribution based on Store & Product Performance
  • Automatic Stock Balancing based on Product Performance at each Location
  • Order Management System & Deliveries based on Customer Order Due Dates
  • Back Office Retail/ Wholesale Order Entry
  • Customer Credit Management
  • User-definable Invoice Formats
  • Unlimited ‘Ship To’ Addresses
  • Sales Tax Calculation by ‘Ship To’ Province/State
  • Charge to Account Option
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Payment On Account at POS
  • Accounting Interface to many accounting systems
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Custom Data Recording for Products, Customers, Suppliers, Employees, PO’s, Customer Orders
  • Unlimited User-definable Reports
  • eCommerce with Real-time Inventory
  • Multi-warehouse, Multi- location Inventory and Sales Tracking