Jewelry POS Software

With over three decades of experience in the retail industry, Aralco software has powerful tools to help
your Jewelry business. For the Jewelry industry it is imperative that your inventory and prices stay
current and accurate, especially when considering the fluctuation of precious metals and stones
market prices. The Aralco POS system for Jewelry will ensure your customers remain loyal through
various functions such as frequent shoppers reward system, gift cards and targeted email marketing
campaigns. With Aralco’s built-in intelligent reporting, it’s easy to make successful business decisions.

Inventory and Supplier Management

  • Instant inventory lookup and tracking in the Back Office and POS to view all stores stock levels, transfers, orders , and min/max quantities for reorder in real-time on one grid
  • Automatic supplier generated landed cost and retail multiplier
  • Single keystroke for goods receiving for the needs of pre-packed items
  • Ability to track non – inventory items when providing a service ( e.g. Appraisals)
  • Mass Price Updates using % increase decrease of prices due to fluctuation of gold prices

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Integrated customer loyalty programs and customer relationship management
  • Unlimited user definable fields that allow you to record specific information about your customers.  Such as favorite type of jewelry or appraisal information
  • Track customers sales history from the point of their first purchase
  • Ability to set up alert or reminder messages for specific customers
  • Set up a gift registry for a birthday or wedding for your customers

Buying Assistant and Reporting

  • Four dimensional grid matrix for products with multiple dimensions such as color, cut,  carat, size
  • Auto purchase order module that forecasts your inventory needs based on sales trends, lead times, and current inventory levels for automatic purchase order preparation and distribution
  • Over 150 standard reports which are easy to use and customized to your specific reporting needs.

Marketing and Promotions

  • Reach your customers via our mass email tool for targeted marketing campaigns
  • Mass price updates for group markdowns, promotions and quantity discount pricing which can be used for seasonal sales or end of line products.
  • Built in gift card system that allows you to keep all transaction information in house in real-time with “no transaction Fees”

Point of Sale

  • Integrated Debit / Credit system to eliminate double entry errors
  • Monitor the productivity of sales reps in units or dollars sold per hour
  • Up-sell alert messages to products to notify staff when an up-sell opportunity arises