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Sporting Goods Store POS System

Sporting goods stores have a wide range of inventory items from hockey equipment to cross training footwear to snowboarding apparel to golf accessories. Employees constantly have to run to the back to find certain sizes and brands of clothing and shoes.
A sporting goods store can get very disorganized if they do not manage things properly. Point of sale systems can do a lot to keep your business organized. Employees can check which items are in stock when a customer asks, process returns quickly as old transactions can be brought up and refunded quickly or marked for exchange.

Our POS Software for Sporting Goods Stores helps you manage your inventory that has a range of different brands and sizes of the same items and more.

Our POS features designed for Sporting Goods Stores include:

  • Package SalesAralco POS for Sports Stores
  • Apparel, equipment sales
  • Repairs tracking
  • Layaway plan
  • Date sensitive price promotions
  • Mass price updates (for seasonal sports)
  • Auto-replenishment to maintain stock levels for basic items
  • Non-inventory sales for services (for racket re-stringing, skate sharpening, etc.)
  • Rental applications for sports equipment (e.g. ski, snowboard, bike rentals)
  • Customer profile and purchase history (e.g. remind clients when it’s time to come in for their equipment service)