Shoe Store POS System

One of the main challenges in the footwear industry is being able to manage your entire inventory according to style, brand, color, size, and width. There are many different types of specialized shoe stores – boot stores, women’s shoes, men’s shoes, custom shoes, kids shoes, work shoes, etc. In addition, most stores also offer a wider range of shoe accessories.
With our Footwear Store POS you can easily manage this data for inventory, reporting, and ordering.

Our system allows you to easily manage a large amount of inventory, track customer’s behavior, and offer pricing tools
unique to the footwear industry. Understand what your customers want or need, and retain them as loyal customers
through our customer loyalty options.

Our POS features designed for Footwear Stores include:

  • Grid matrix for multiple dimensions (shoe size, colour, width)
  • Non-matrix items for insoles, leather spray etc.
  • Barcode Printing
  • Inventory lookup by “grid/matrix” (colour/size) per location
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Built-in gift card management
  • Auto purchase orders for re-stocking
  • Stock Balancing
  • Warehouse to stores auto-distribution
  • Inventory lookup by size & color for each location
  • Single keystroke goods receiving of footwear (pre-packs cases)
  • Use Handheld barcode scanners to receive goods
  • Utilize supplier price lists for calculating landed costs
  • Min/max model stocks for consistently selling merchandise