Aralco for Music and Books

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Music & Book Store POS System

Aralco software is intuitive and very easy to operate. Aralco POS for music and book stores provides retailers with a way to control inventory, manage customers and track sales. From independent music or bookshops to large chain retailers, we’ve found that retailers can be some of the biggest beneficiaries of using our POS software. These types of stores have massive inventories that are hard to keep track of and that need to be organized by author/artist, album, title or genres. Aralco’s POS system can be used to improve productivity and profitability in just about any type of business and music and bookstores could make the best use of the software.

Our POS features designed for Music and Book Stores include:

  • Record, report and advance search by artist, year, music/book category
  • Record, report and advance search by publisher, author, content, rating, number of pages, ISBN etc.
  • e-Commerce links website to warehouse eliminating need for double entry of orders, simplifying shipping
  • Customer database tracks purchases, supports product/ topic recommendations and up-selling (similar or complimentary items)
  • Package sales and kitting allow selling products in gift baskets
  • Ship to destination Tax Calculation