Traceability for Food Processing

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Aralco’s Traceability Software offers features designed specifically for Traceability for Food Processing including Meat and Dairy, Seafood Processing, Pharmaceuticals, Cultivation and more.

Industries that are required to meet traceability regulations include:
Bakeries | Meat and Poultry | Processed Foods | Produce | Supply Chains | Seafood | Dairy
  • Traceability is a key component in regulations and safety standards for food processing and manufacturing
  • Enables targeted and effective recall of products that are unsafe for consumption from the market such as shellfish, etc.
  • Helps to inform consumers on key product attributes such as allergenic food ingredients, expiry dates etc.

Aralco’s Food Traceability Modules for End-to-end Traceability and Inventory Accuracy

When Receiving inventory, products flagged with a LOT number requirement will be entered into the system as shown below:

Additional information can be added as shown below. This can be totally user-definable for capturing information such as Vehicle/ Vessel Used, Temperature, Equipment and Staff involved in Production, Date and Time etc.

Once data has been entered at the Receiving stage, the following screen will appear.

Once received into inventory, the items flagged with a LOT# requirement will appear in the inventory lookup as shown below, indicating each Lot# available in inventory, per location and quantities associated with each.

All inventory ‘movements’ such as Transfers, Adjustments, Sales, Return to Vendors, will be recorded by product code and LOT# associated and the system will automatically adjust those LOT#s accordingly.

Manufacturing Process Screen (Kit Setup/Parts Explosion)
An example of parts explosion is when a salmon gets processed into another product such as filets or smoked salmon etc. All fish parts, when broken down, are defined by percentage (e.g. 70% Filet, 12% Bones, 18% Scrapes) then, when cutting up a 12 lb salmon, the system will auto-calculate the parts after cuts are done and the fish is taken apart while assigning LOT#s to all parts.

Sample POS Screen when selling LOT# items:

Sales history below will show all sales of products and associated LOT#s and report filters will provide access to find specific LOT#s sold to what customer by whom on what date and which location:

Aralco Traceability Reports