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Wholesale and Manufacturing POS System

Our Wholesale and Manufacturing POS Software allows you to create special pricing based on the customer, it is easy to use, and wholesalers love that they can easily verify their inventory on-hand.

Our POS features designed for the wholesale industry and manufacturers include:

  • Product costing by component for manufacturing (e.g. meters of fabric, buttons, trimmings and labor required to make a garment)
  • Job detail by order
  • Measurement of time spent on production to calculate labour costs
  • Auto-replenishment to maintain stock levels of necessary components (drill bits, rotors)
  • Non-inventory asset management
  • Inventory tracking & lookup by serial number
  • Invoicing,¬†Accounts Receivable and Statements
  • Unlimited customer group pricing
  • Built-in eCommerce with pricing linked to wholesale customer special pricing
  • Link with point of sale enables vertical organization (manufacturer with outlet locations, retailers designing and producing exclusive products)