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Wholesale and Manufacturing POS System

Our Wholesale and Manufacturing POS Software allows you to create special pricing based on the customer, it is easy-to-use, and wholesalers love that they can easily verify their inventory on-hand.

Our POS features designed for the Wholesale Industry and Manufacturers include:

  • Product costing by component for manufacturing (e.g. meters of fabric, buttons, trimmings and labor required to make a garment)
  • Job detail by order
  • Measurement of time spent on production to calculate labour costs
  • Auto-replenishment to maintain stock levels of necessary components (drill bits, rotors)
  • Non-inventory asset management
  • Inventory tracking & lookup by serial number
  • Invoicing, Accounts Receivable and Statements
  • Unlimited customer group pricing
  • Built-in eCommerce with pricing linked to wholesale customer special pricing
  • Link with point of sale enables vertical organization (manufacturer with outlet locations, retailers designing and producing exclusive products)