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Hardware & Paint Stores

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Hardware and Paint Store POS Software

Successfully manage your sales, your special orders, your customers, your inventory, and your accounting with our
POS Software Designed for Hardware and Paint Stores. Hardware stores of all sizes can benefit from a
point of sale system because they automate virtually every part of the business.

Our POS software boosts efficiency and productivity in any hardware store environment and allows you to ring up items quickly and easily, manage time and inventory and develop customer loyalty. Aralco POS software for hardware operations allows you to keep real-time inventory of all kinds of products from paint cans to copper wire by the foot.

Our POS features designed for Hardware and Paint stores include:

  • Customize colours for clients using Tint Ingredients
  • Lookup of “tint history” for customer repeat orders
  • Grid, non-grid inventory supported (inventory by color)
  • Special pricing by customer group (e.g. designers, contractors, trades people)
  • Product image and sound links for multi-media catalogues
  • Automatic paint levy calculations
  • Accounts receivable and statements emailing
  • Payment on account taken at stores as well as H.Q.