Furniture Store POS System

Furniture retailers need to carefully control their furniture inventory and pricing, manage multiple
furniture vendors, and maintain accurate and detailed order and sales records. That’s why our Furniture
Point of Sale Software
helps you manage your furniture store business from controlling out of
stock inventory to organizing customer loyalty programs. Seasonality and changing trends in the
furniture industry make it important that your inventory stays current and accurate.

Aralco’s Order Management system will help organize and manage all outstanding orders
from all locations that both the warehouse staff and store operators can access.

Aralco POS features designed for Retail and Wholesale Furniture include:

  • Fully-integrated Order Management System to track all outstanding orders as well as identify items ready to ship
  • Fabric Configurator, very detailed setup for Fabrics, Grades, Colours etc. You can setup Cost and Price jumps for different configurations – eliminating operator errors when entering Custom Orders.
  • Customer Special Order Tracking throughout the system (stamped on Purchase Orders and Goods Receiving).
  • Importing Customer Order into the Back Office purchase order entry (eliminating double entries) and merging with other regular items within the P.O. – Custom Orders are specially “tagged” within the P.O. so they can be kept separate and easily identified at the time of receiving
  • Standard order quantity are used in P.O. for supplier standard order quantity
  • EDI capability between POS to Back Office to external systems (i.e. Manufacturing Plants)
  • Order entry at any location
  • Automated minimum-deposit calculation on orders (user-definable by percent of total)
  • Package discounting
  • Package sales setup
  • Offered price (before or after tax) automatic discount calculation
  • Optional gross profit percent calculation at POS at the time of price negotiation
  • Customer orders with multiple partial payments, at any location
  • Customer order with partial-pickup and payment
  • Order cancellation (entire or partial)
  • Optional deposit refund upon cancellations
  • Total flexibility to modify customer orders
  • Order lookup at Back Office or originating store
  • Lookup of inventory at warehouse or other stores from any location
  • Single key customer order import into supplier purchase orders
  • Customer order arrival notification upon goods receiving
  • Inter-store transfers
  • Multiple warehouse support
  • Multiple company support
  • Zone specific product pricing
  • Floor Model items can be flagged in the system so they cannot be sold as available inventory unless they are removed from the Floor Model list which places them back into regular inventory