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Fabrics, Linens & Craft Stores POS System

Aralco’s point of sale software provides a powerful solution directly applicable to retail fabric and craft stores. Our POS software system provides an efficient way to manage your entire fabric and craft inventory that facilitates transactions with vendors and customers. With the Aralco POS Solution for Fabric and Craft Stores, you can track inventory in any unit of measure such as purchase by bolts, inventory by yards or meters, sell by yard/meter/inches or centimeters. Being able to quickly and efficiently identify your products and modify orders at the point of sale is an essential part of providing your customers with a quality experience and will increase your staff’s efficiency.

Our POS features designed for Fabrics, Linens and Craft Stores include:

  • User-definable Units of Measures allow conversion from imperial measurements (yards, feet) to metric (centimeters, meters)
  • Purchase fabric by bolt, assign retail price by meter/ yard, and sell
    by ft, cm, in etc.
  • Grid matrix allows multiple dimensions (e.g. quilts can be defined by volume of feathers, towels & sheets by thread-counts)
  • Non-grid inventory sales for products like thread, buttons, mattress covers and accessories
  • Wholesale Order Entry for large orders, shipping from various locations and sales on behalf of other locations
  • Order Management System for warehouse shipping alerts of available inventory and collection of order balance dues
  • Inventory lookup for multiple locations on one screen
  • Bolt location identifier within same locations and inventory look up by individual bolt