Aralco for

Flooring Retail and Wholesale

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Flooring Retail and Wholesale POS System

The Aralco software has some strong built-in features useful for flooring retail and wholesale applications. It features a Units of Measure component that allows you to define the parameters of how you sell inventory whether it’s by square foot or square yard. With Aralco’s order entry, purchasing and order tracking capabilities, as well as user-definable reporting, we can help you manage your business across multiple locations.

Our POS features designed for Flooring Retail and Wholesale include:

  • Multi-stores, multi-terminal, central database for inventory and sales management
  • Buy flooring products by box (e.g. containing 100 sq. ft.) and sell by square foot or square meter or square yards
  • Central inventory‎ by any unit of measure
  • Customer Group pricing
  • Powerful POS with quotes, order entry, invoice management
  • Account‎s Receivable
  • General Ledger interface
  • Accounts Payable interface
  • Date-sensitive promotional pricing
  • Staff commissions
  • Unlimited reports
  • Real-time, online dashboard‎ reports
  • Mobile options
  • Custom programming‎ services
  • Wholesale and retail pricing