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Automotive Parts & Industrial Supplies POS Systems

Automotive and industrial parts stores typically carry a wide variety of items in inventory, given the huge makes,
models and manufacturing years. If you’ve been relying on traditional methods for ringing up purchases and doing inventory, you’ll want to consider using an auto parts store POS system to save time and increase productivity. Our industrial and auto parts clients find that Aralco POS Software is a great fit for their businesses because we are able to substitute items
for items that are out-of-stock and have special pricing based on customer levels.

Our Auto Parts and Industrial Supplies POS features include:Automotive POS

  • Just-in-time automatic stock replenishment and distribution across locations
  • Stock Balancing across various locations
  • Pictures can be linked to products, creating product catalog
  • Built-in eCommerce
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Repairs and services
  • Associated/ Similar Products suggestions
  • Grid matrix for inventory for colors and other options
  • Custom ordered items
  • Customer Management, Accounts Receivable, Credit Limits
  • Catalogs eliminate the need to stock specialty items (customers can see product from catalog)
  • Import supplier catalogues/ price sheets to update product database to eliminate data entry
  • Automatic Landed Cost calculations based on supplier cost, currency exchange, shipping costs and applicable product group duties