Apparel POS Systems

Clothing and apparel stores can have a high turnover of inventory to keep up with the latest trends as well as seasonal products. It is important that you have accurate point of sale and inventory management system that can keep your business organized.

No matter what your business size, we offer a complete Apparel POS System to manage your clothing, footwear and accessories retail store. Build customer loyalty while increasing productivity with our easy to use inventory tracking system.

Our Apparel features include:Apparel POS

  • Keep multiple details per product such as size, colour, & length with our grid matrix setup.
  • Keep track of non-matrix items such as accessories or non-inventory items such as repairs or personal shopping services
  • Create inventory & sales reports by matrix or non-matrix
  • Look up inventory instantly by style and location from any store
  • Discover your best & worst selling items by style, colour, size and other matrix options
  • Sell-through reports
  • Built-in gift card management system
  • Create package sales (e.g. sell jacket and skirt as a suit or as separates)
  • Increase your Up-Selling features (e.g. pop-up reminders for matching or coordinating items)
  • Create user-definable customer profiles recording size, colour, preferences etc.
  • Create user-definable reporting on customer purchase history for target marketing
  • Frequent shopper tracking (e.g. when sufficient points accumulated, convert to credit on purchase)
  • Link product image and sounds to products for multimedia catalogs