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Cosmetics and Pharmacy POS Systems

Organizing and tracking inventory for a cosmetics store or pharmacy is very challenging without a computerized cash register. Aralco POS makes it easy to sell items in packages and also control your entire inventory. Our automated inventory tracking and purchasing offers improved order accuracy and quick responses to customer trends.

Cosmetics and pharmacy inventory consists of many small items scattered throughout the store that would be hard to keep track of. Our point of sale software has been written with this in mind. Keep your customers coming back with our customer loyalty features such as gift cards and coupons and Aralco’s new Conditional Promotion feature.

Our POS features designed for Pharmacies and the Cosmetics industry include:

  • Colour Matrix available (e.g. for lipstick, nail polish) to create ONE product with multiple “Colour” attributes
  • Product ingredient list available to store and print on customer receipts or for review
  • Customer database tracks purchases, supports product recommendations
  • Patient Profile to track allergies, specific products used or avoid and recipes record to allow repeat purchases
  • Message pop ups at point of sale warning of drug allergies, reactions etc.
  • Package sales and Kitting allow selling products in theme baskets
  • Aralco has a feature to link the pharmacy prescription receipts to the Aralco POS System. This will enable the operator to scan the barcode printed by the “Pharmacy System” (linked to the Medical Plan System), pickup prescription’s total value and add it to the Aralco transaction and receipt under a “Prescription” product code which is added to other in-store purchases made through Aralco.
  • eCommerce links website to warehouse eliminating need for double entry of orders, simplifying shipping
  • By using the “sub-grouping” capability of the Aralco Back Office, you can select the “Number of pills per bottle” as well as the “Daily Dosage”. When a customer purchases that product, the date of the transaction is recorded and a preset Report can then show all the customers’ past purchases and display a list of customers who will be running out of the pills in the upcoming few days. This report can then be used with Aralco’s automated target marketing email system that can notify those customers and remind them to come in and refill their prescription/ supplements as they would be running out in say, 8 days.
  • Conditional Promotion – Set up discounting and promotion rules in the back office that will be applied at POS at the time of customer purchase

    This is a versatile promotion feature to set up a variety of discount options where you can custom set the parameters. If you ‘purchase’ this item or that item, you will receive a % or $ discount as a ‘reward’ on the specified items. Buy 2 get 1 Free or Get 15% off with every purchase over $75.00.
Learn more about Aralco’s Conditional Promotion feature here: Conditional Promotions