Aralco POS for Cannabis Dispensaries

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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Aralco POS is a powerful and user-friendly solution with advanced reporting functionality allowing you to simplify your operations and make cannabis sales more efficient and profitable.

Aralco Point of Sale, CRM and Inventory Management software can help you grow your business organically. Aralco’s flexibility, scalability and customization capabilities provide business owners the opportunity to tailor the software to automate inventory control tracking and to stay compliant at all stages of the process.

Some of Aralco’s features useful for Dispensaries include:

  • Patient profile
  • Order Entry
  • Purchase History
  • Preferred Products
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchase Order and Supplier Tracking
  • Weights and Measures Support
  • Scale Interface
  • Extensive user-definable reports for inventory, sales,
    customer purchase patterns
  • Targeted e-mail Marketing