Aralco POS and ERP Software System

Focusing on multi-store operations in a wide variety of industries, Aralco POS has advanced functionality that can be easily customized for specific business needs. We help clients stay ahead of unceasing business demands since 1982

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Developed extensively to meet your business needs.

Aralco Retail Systems specializes in Inventory Control, Point of Sale (POS) and CRM software systems. Due to its powerful and feature-rich capabilities, the Aralco POS software can accommodate a broad range of business requirements making it ideally suited to a large variety of POS applications.

Software Features

The POS system archives, tracks and analyzes literally thousands of types of data related to products, sales statistics, special orders, locations, customer profiles, staff performance, and inventory movements. Information is available on a real-time basis so that businesses can base their decisions on accurate and timely facts.

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Back Office for Inventory Forecasting

The Back Office System is the nerve center of the Aralco program which includes product setup, inventory management, purchasing, receiving, transfers, return to vendor, adjustments report generation, inventory and shipment history, customer profiling, staff performance and more. Analyzing information in real time, Aralco enables retailers to achieve maximum efficiency and profitability.

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Flexible, User-friendly Point of Sale

Flexible, User-friendly Point of Sale
The Aralco point of sale system is extremely flexible and user-friendly. Sales staff can be trained to use the POS system within 30 minutes. Full training for all functions can take place in less than 2 hours. Aralco offers the end-user POS screen design tools as well as complete customization of functional applications.

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Mobile Systems

At Aralco, we are constantly listening to our clients and their needs for using new technologies to see where and how they can benefit their operations.With the appearance of inexpensive, portable/mobile hardware such as iPads and tablets, Apple, Android, MS Surface and other smart phone technologies and the availability of Wi-Fi in most urban areas, clients are faced with the need for more affordable availability of their data and reports for quick access.

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