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Aralco on Mobile 

At Aralco, we are constantly listening to our clients and their needs for using new technologies to see where and how they can benefit their operations. With the advancement of inexpensive, portable/mobile hardware such as iPads and tablets, using Apple, Android and MS Surface and other smart phone technologies, clients are faced with the need for more affordable availability of their data and reports for quick access.

Aralco has been working on different technologies to adapt our system to these changes and new ways of accessing data, providing key features and functions through various mobile devices running on Android, iOS and Windows
operating systems.

Aralco’s new Mobile POS is secure, quick
and very easy-to-use. 

Features include the following:


  • Product Lookup
  • Inventory Lookup by Location
  • Customer Lookup
  • Customer Purchase History Lookup
  • Physical Counts
  • Inter-location Transfers
  •  POS
    • Returns
    • Tax Cancellation
    • Customer Attachment
    • Discounts (Manual/ Preset Promotions/ Customer Groups)
    • Inventory Lookup
    • Product Lookup by Department
    • Remarks
    • Serial # Lookup and Sell By
    • Sales by Grid Matrix
    • Sales by Weights & Measures
  • Quote Entry and Transfer to Desktop System for Processing
  • Order Entry and Transfer to Desktop System for Processing
  • Gift Card Sales and Usage as a Tender Method
  • Assign Loyalty Points on Purchases and Usage as a Tender Method

Product/Inventory Look-up 
Product look-ups are useful in retail stores, showrooms and warehouses to better serve customers and for sharing product images, price and other information simply using your mobile device and without the need to have access to a desktop computer.  Real-time inventory look-up for one or ALL store and/or warehouse locations.


Customer Look-up Ability to look-up customer details and sales history.


Physical Counts Physical Counts can be done with Bluetooth scanners which can verify the product information instantly including product image and other relevant information.

Mobile features also include inter-store Transfers, Goods Receiving, Discounts, all within a simple yet functional POS application.

Dashboard Reports

Real-time’ dashboard-style reports include a multitude of filters, graphic and/or numeric results of your sales and many other activities such as:

Top Producers by:aralco-dashboard

  • Department
  • Customers
  • Stores
  • Products
  • Suppliers
  • Staff
  • Orders/Quote
  • Volumes/Balance
  • Custom reports are available
    Click here to view the Aralco Dashboard functionality.

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