Aralco Setup Options

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Setup Options

The Aralco system is capable of multiple registers within one location using local area networking (ideal for department stores or multi-lane grocery operations), or single POS registers in each location, communicating via the high-speed internet to the Private Server or Cloud Hosting Servers anywhere in the world.


The Aralco Inventory Management System is designed to work in:

Single store operations
Medium to large multi-store chains
Multi-terminal, Multi-POS Register within each location

Although the inventory and transaction updates are “real-time”, the POS Communication is “Fault-Tolerant” which allows for “off-line” operation and make the POS stations independent of the server or internet connection for long periods. Once the connection is re-established, the data is synchronized automatically.

In the case of a single store, the entire program can be setup on one machine or separated into a Server (holding the main back office functions) and POS terminals on independent computers connected together via local area networking.

Back office functions can be accessed from POS or individual back office workstations from within the local area network or via the internet. Security options will allow access to selected users. All “sensitive” areas of the program are “Role-based” with access control as well as password protected. There are no limits on the number of POS or Back office stations.