POS terminals communicate with the back office server via high-speed internet or through direct local area network.


  • Real-time communications via high-speed internet
  • Local area net work (LAN)
  • Modem connection to the internet for remote sites where ADSL is not available
  • Off-line, uninterrupted  and fail-safe POS operation when connection to the server or internet is not available

Cloud_footerThe POS data is stored on its own hard drive to maximize its reliability and independence on the server or other devices. The communication between the server and POS terminals takes place every few seconds, to provide real-time data processing and inventory updates. If, however, the server is inaccessible or the internet is not functional, the POS terminals will continue to operate independently (off-line) without interruption until the communication is fully re-established. Once the connection is re-established, a utility in the program ensures that any missing data is updated immediately.


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