Flexible, User-friendly Point of Sale System

The Aralco point of sale system is extremely flexible and user-friendly. Sales staff can be trained to use the POS system within 30 minutes. Full training for all functions can take place in less than 2 hours. Aralco offers the end-user POS screen design tools as well as complete customization of functional applications.

Sample screens for the Standard POS System setup.


  • Use standard screens or create your own layouts to apply functions most relevant to your business
  • Use standard reports or create your own to match your specific operational requirements
  • Choose settings tailored to the specific needs of your industry
  • Use Touch Screen for faster transaction entryApparel POS
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  1. Store Staff
    1. Store Staff Setup & Options
      • • Store staff can be set up with certain user “rights” in the administration section of the system (Back Office) to perform various task such as Discounts, Returns, Voids, Inventory Lookup, End of Day cash out etc.
      • • Each transaction can start with a Cashier who can then enter the sales people’s code(s).
      • • Up to two sales staff can be associated with a transaction. Alternatively, the system can be setup so each transaction will only require the sales person’s ID code to start the transaction.
  2. Security
    1. System Security
      • • Access rights controlled by system administrator to various crucial areas of the program controlling each function such as Transaction Post-Voiding, Returns, Discounts, Lookups
      • • Finger Scanners can be used for staff login, identification, Time clock
      • • RFID Staff Tags available for login/ time clock
  3. Transactions
    1. Regular Transactions
      1. Regular Transactions
        • • Sales: Cashier, Salesperson entry, Scan Barcode, enter product code manually or use touch screen. Use definable tender keys, integrated payment, multiple foreign currency support
        • • Returns: Simple or Verified by barcode scanning the original receipt/invoice
        • • Refunds: made to original tender/ account/ Credit Note or Gift Card
        • • Exchange: all within one transaction that includes sales
    2. Special / Open Transactions
      1. Special/ Open Transactions
      2. Open transaction can be started and finished at another time such as:
        • • Quotes: can be created with an expiry date, Quotes can be turned into Orders and/ or Sales
        • • Orders: Customer special orders can be entered, pre-set minimum deposit collected, shipments made when goods are in the store or directly shipped from the supplier or from the warehouse. Orders can be turned into Sales upon full payment and shipment of all items
        • • Layaways: Minimum pre-set deposit collected, Layaway Due Date is used to remind store operators to call the customer for final payment. Layaways will turn into Sales once fully paid for.
        • • For orders and layaways, inventory lookup will show items as “reserved” and not available.
        • • Repairs: can be entered and tracked, modified and tagged as completed and prompt for final payment.
    3. Gift Certificates / Credit Notes
      1. Gift Certificates & Credit Notes
        • • Gift Certificates can be issued to a customer name and can be used against any form of transaction at any location
        • • Unlimited outstanding Gift certificates with values can be viewed in customer profile
        • • Credit Notes can be issued during any refund transaction and attached to a customer file.
        • • Credit notes can be used at any location for as payments towards any type of transaction.
  4. Gift Card System
    1. Built-in Gift Card Management System
      • • Cards can be designed using company logo20131106-17112848
      • • Both Barcode and/or Mag-stripe cards can be available
      • • Barcodes supplied
      • • No transaction fees for either loading or debiting from gift card
      • • Gift Cards can be loaded with any amount
      • • Card Can be “reloaded” multiple times
      • • Multiple Cards (Group Load) can be loaded with different amounts under ONE transaction and prompt for ONE payment
      • • Cards can be linked to a customer name
      • • Card balance can be viewed at anytime
      • • All Card activity history including “Loads” and “Usages” can be viewed
      • • Cards can be used for payment in any type of transaction as partial or full payment towards the transaction balance
  5. Customer File (CRM)
    1. Customer File (CRM)
      • • Attach customer profile to transaction
      • • Optional Image Capture (e.g. member management)
      • • View past purchases, Totals
      • • Pre-set discount%
      • • Customer group and discount by group designation
      • • Account#, Credit Limit, Account Balance, Available credit
      • • User-definable data capture such as colour/fabric/ style preference, make & model of car, Allergies etc. used for filtered reports
      • • Optional recording of communications and follow-ups
      • • Optional Document Management (paperless system)
      • • Email capture for targeted or mass email campaigns
  6. Rental System
    1. Rental System
      • • Rent by totally user-definable periods such as by hour, ½ day, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly etc. by setting up rate per defined period.
      • • Rental items are date and time stamped as they leave the premises and upon return, they are stamped again to calculate the best and most appropriate rental rate.

      During the rental period, inventory lookup will show items as “reserved and on rental” and not available.

  7. Price Lookup
    1. Price Lookup
    2. Product lookup options to search for items by entering any of the following:
      • • Item Description
      • • Product code
      • • Supplier item code
      • • Manufacturer item code
  8. Inventory Lookup
    1. Inventory Lookup
      • • View of “real-time” available inventory in the middle of a transaction
      • • View Inventory for the current store as well as all other stores or within the inventory ZONE for the current store
      • • Managers with access rights can view ALL inventory locations for ALL Zones
      • • Inventory Lookup screen shows on-hand as well as reserved (store orders, RTV, Layaways, Rentals), on- orders (outstanding purchase orders) as well as in-transit between stores, all of which will result in the display of the “Available” quantity
  9. Sell from other locations
    1. Sell from another Store
      • • When inventory is not available in the current store, POS Staff can choose to sell from another stores inventory if they have permission
      • • Settings can enable permanent “sell from” location for cases where a store does not have its own inventory and uses another locations to ship from (e.g. warehouse)
      • • Sales are credited to the selling store and inventory is removed from the “Sell from” locations (e.g. warehouse or another store)
  10. Discounts
    1. Pre-set Discounts
      1. Pre-set Discounts applied through Head Office:
        • • Pre-set % by customer for all product purchases
        • • Customer group discount applied on individual products
        • • Promotional discounts (Date/Time sensitive) applied to individual products
        • • Quantity discount (e.g. buy 2 get one free or 40% discount on purchases over 5)
        • • Discounts within Package (individual item discounted within a “package”)
        • • Maximum Discount allowable by product Mass Price update (by department or group, Decrease or Increase Price)
    2. Manual POS Discounts
      1. Manual Discounts Applied at POS
        • • % discount (on individual or all items)
        • • $ Discount (on individual or all items)
        • • Offered price (on individual or all items) auto calculation of item prorated discounts
        • • Discount applied to before or after tax totals (on individual or all items)
        • • Coupon Discount (pre-set for $ or %)
  11. Conditional Promotion
    1. Conditional Promotion
    2. With this new and powerful ‘Promotions’ feature, retailers can setup discounting and promotion rules in the back office that will be applied at POS at the time of customer purchase.The basic description of this feature is: If you ‘purchase’ this item or that item, you will receive a % or $ discount as a ‘reward’ on the specified items.
    3. You can setup conditions such as:
      • • If a customer purchases a certain quantity of items or minimum purchase amounts from a Department or Sub-Departments/Categories, they will receive a preset number of items at a % or $ discount for the same or any Department or Sub-Department/Category’
      • • There are optional settings such as a restriction to stipulate that in order to receive the promotion rewards, customers must purchase items at full retail price rather than discounted values. Also, there is a setting that can be setup so the ‘Reward’ items should be of a lesser value than the least expensive item in the ‘Purchase’ condition.
  12. Returns
    1. Returns
    2. Returns can be done two ways:
      • • Simply scan the item being returned, or
      • • Use “Return Verify by Barcode” method where returns can be done by scanning the barcode from the original receipt/invoice to verify validity of the items sold originally and not yet returned, then allow return of items at original “sold” price, tax levels and discounts, original remarks, refund to the original method of payment while respecting the user-defined return policy for returns (e.g. Period allowed, terms & conditions etc.)
  13. Transaction ‘Parking’/On Hold
    1. Transaction ‘Parking’
      • • Unlimited number of transactions can be put on hold and retrieved during the daily sales session.
      • • ‘Parked’ or ‘held’ transactions can be retrieved using a customer name/ reference number and can be further modified or added to before completing and turning them into a sales transaction
      • • Parked transactions are not included in daily sales. All outstanding ‘parked’ transactions must be removed before the end of the day session.
  14. Transaction Voiding
    1. Transaction Voiding
    2. Two modes of voiding is available:
      • • Voiding of individual items or entire transaction during the course of transaction entry (aborted transaction).
      • • Voiding entire transaction and reversing payments after the completion of a transaction (Post Voiding). Only operators with access rights to the voiding function can use this feature.
      • • For Post Voids, a Receipt is printed stating the transaction is voided.
      • • A list of all voids are printed on the End of Day tape.
  15. Split Commission
    1. Split Commission
      • • Transactions can be assigned two different salespersons with a operator definable percent split (e.g. 60% /40%).
      • • The commission report will then calculate each salesperson’s assigned commission for payroll purposes.
  16. Frequent Shoppers Reward System
    1. Frequent Shoppers Reward System
      • • This system can be set up to issue points per $ based on user-definable product groups.
      • • Points can then be used against purchase of goods, as a method of tender toward full or part of the amount owing on a transaction.
      • • Point “Exchange Rate” can be set up and changed at the head office at any given time.
  17. Payments & Expenses
    1. Manual Payment and Expense Entries
    2. The following transactions can be entered during the course of the daily sessions and reported on the end of day tape and back office reports:
      • • Payments on account
      • • Expense entries
      • • Pay outs
      • • Cash received
      • • NSF Payments
  18. Payment Options
    1. Payment Options
    2. User-Definable tender key options including
      • • Cash
      • • Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex etc.)
      • • Debit
      • • Integrated Payment Processing available for Credit and Debit Cards
      • • Gift cards
      • • Points
      • • Gift certificate
      • • Credit note
      • • Coupons
      • • Multiple foreign currencies (currencies tendered will be converted to store currency).
      • • Internal Credit Cards etc.
  19. Coupon Management System
    1. Coupon Management
      1. Coupon Management System
        • • Set up coupon numbers/ types with $ product Discount.
        • • Set up coupons with % product discount.
        • • Set up Minimum “Net” Purchase amount to validate coupon.
        • • Set up “Start” and “End” date for validity of coupon.
        • • Coupon can be used at POS and the total amount of discount is automatically calculated and applied to all items.
        • • Discount prorated based on value of each line item.
    2. QR Code
      1. QR Code
        Create a coupon code in Aralco and you can generate a QR* (short for Quick Response) code for printing on the physical coupon or for email circulation with the coupon incentive information to your targeted customers.
        • • The QR code can be read by any 2D barcode scanner at the POS checkouts
        • • The customer flashes the QR code on the printed coupon, or on the cell phone.
        • • The cashier simply scans it to trigger the coupon discount on Aralco POS.
        • • The Aralco Report Generator enables user-definable reporting to analyze performances of each and every coupon campaign.

      2. * Quick Response Codes can be generated using any free application available. For example: https://www.qr-code-generator.com.
  20. Integrated Payment Processing
    1. Integrated Payment Processing
      • • Current support available for chip enabled Credit/Debit cards for:
        • Moneris
        • TD (Toronto Dominion)
        • Global Payment | OpenEdge
        • Chase Paymentech
        • Authorize.Net is available for USA
        • PayPal, Moneris & Authorize.Net are available for e-Commerce.
  21. Receipt / Invoice Printing
    1. Receipt/ Invoice Printing
      • • Receipts (3-3.5″ continuous roll).
      • • 8.5”x11” Invoice can be set up at POS. These invoices can be customized.
      • • Gift Receipts (no prices) are available.
      • • Duplicate receipts are available at POS or Back Office.
      • • Receipt messages are user-definable for general purpose or per transaction type (e.g. Returns) or tender types (e.g. paid by cheques) etc. where specific messages will be printed along with company policies related to those types of events.
      • • Receipts/Invoices can also be emailed to the customer as an option.
  22. Gift Registry
    1. 20131106-17111150
    2. Gift Registry
      • • Web-based or in-store.
      • • Enter all items required either manually or use a handheld computer to go around store and scan all required items.
      • • Purchases can be made against outstanding items in the gift registry on your website or linked to an in-store POS for final payment and pickup.
      • • Purchaser is registered in the system for later reports.
      • • Reports available for what is on the registry, what has been bought and who bought them and what is outstanding.
  23. Inter-Store Transfers
    1. Inter-store Transfers
      • • Transfers can be entered and received at POS.
      • • A connection to the Back Office system via the Internet will enable accessing of transfer documents and reports.
      • • Head Office (warehouse) can enter / scan transfer which POS can lookup and receive on their own terminals.
      • • While in transit, the items are labelled as such.
  24. Franchise Options
    1. Franchise Option
      • • Franchise option can be set up for all or partial number of stores within a chain.
      • • All data for all locations are stored in the same SQL server database which each franchisee will have limited access to and see their own related data and not everyone elses.
      • • Head Office staff with correct rights can see their own data as well as all the franchisee’s information.
      • • With this option the stores within the franchisee operation can see only their own group of store’s inventory levels in the lookup function.
      • • Franchisee(s) can only run reports for their “own” store/chain.
  25. Staff Check-in / out
    1. 20131106-17114749
    2. Staff Check-in/Check-out
      • • Head office can determine multiple shift points such as start of day, morning break, return, lunch break, return, end of day etc.
      • • Store staff will be required to record their arrival and departures for every time and attendance set up by head office.
      • • This can be set up as manual staff code entry or using finger scanners, RFID Tags or mag-stripe readers.
      • • At the end of session, all the attended hours are calculated by the system and entered as one number against each employee for their shift’s total hours.
      • • This total hours can be used in the back office payroll report by specified period
  26. Traffic / People Counters
    1. Traffic Counter
    2. Also known as “people counter” can be installed and connected to the POS terminal which can:
      • • Count the number of walk-ins during a session and report to the head office.
      • • Many reports are available for “closing ratio” analysis, displaying store, floor staff performance etc.
      • • Reports also show staff attending the store during the period / days included in the reports.
      • • You can see the effects of your advertising, staff training and store product display, price adjustments etc.
  27. End of Day Procedures
    1. End of Day Procedure
      • • Quick and easy end of day will display all tenders received during the day.
      • • Expense entry (if allowed and setup).
      • • Provides the operator the use of coin/ bill counters for fast start and end of shift counts.
      • • Coin Counter is user-definable to allow multi-currency coin type and value entry.
      • • System will show any discrepancies by tender type and your staff can pin-point any problems and take corrective measures.
      • • End of day tape is printed and transmitted to head office for archives.
  28. Screen Options
    1. Screen Options
      • • Regular Display 20140825-16084534
      • • Touch Screen option Apparel POS
      • • User-definable options for touch screen Product Group Tabs, Quick-pick Product buttons
      • • User-definable functions (e.g. Void/ Return/ Price Override)
      • • User-definable payment method buttons
      • • Product/ Customer picture
      • • Dual screen for customer display
  29. Hardware Supported
      • • Receipt Printers
      • • Finger Scanner
      • • RFID Staff Security Tag
      • • Laser printers
      • • Cash Drawers
      • • Automatic Cash Dispensers
      • • Laser/OCR Scanners
      • • Weight Scale / Scanners
      • • Magnetic Stripe Reader (member cards/gift cards)
      • • Webcam (customer/product pictures)
      • • Speakers (product audio file playback)
      • • Barcode Printers
      • • Customer Display poles/full screens
      • • Touch Screens
      • • Electronic Traffic Counters
      • • Electronic Shelf Labels
      • • Member/Gift Card Printer
  30. Taxes
    1. Tax Options include:

      • • Unlimited taxes per product
      • • Included or Excluded Tax Types
      • • Tax-on-Tax options
      • • Up to two individual taxes per store
      • • Ship to / Destination-specific taxes charged on each transaction
      • • Unlimited User-definable destination tax options per transaction or per item within a transaction (e.g. Sales within a State with various ‘County’ tax rates)
  31. Staff Scheduling
      • • In the Aralco Back Office System, you can setup store staff schedules ahead of time for the upcoming pay period or well in advance
      • • Date, Store, Start Time and End Time (total hours displayed automatically) can be set for each staff member
      • • Once you have turned on the Settings in the POS system to activate the scheduling system and monitoring for each store, from that point, each time a staff member logs into the POS System, the program will check to see if they are scheduled to work in that store and if they login outside the boundaries of the schedule, the system prompt them and not let them proceed with their system access
      • • This access restriction will be applied to the all system functions such as login to the POS Program, Sales or Refund entries, printing receipts, any POS system reports, voiding, end of Day procedure etc.
      • • The staff schedules can be automatically emailed to each staff member
  32. Auto Re-Stocking Charge
    1. Re-Stocking Charge Calculation:

      • •Pre-set Re-stocking fees can be setup for unlimited number of “elapsed time” since the original purchase
      • •For each “elapsed time” range (e.g. 1 to 7 days or 8 to 15 days etc.), a different Percent% fee can be applied to the value of the goods purchased on the original transaction
      • •The re-stocking charge will be automatically calculated based on the original purchase date, value of returned goods, variable % Re-stocking charge for the elapsed time and it is applied to a Re-stocking charge code so it can be added to the POS transaction and tracked by the reporting system for all re-stocking charges collected

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