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Aralco’s Tailored Experience

Aralco’s Retail POS and Inventory Control software is designed to accommodate the whole spectrum of retailing from single stores to large chains with multi-company, multi-department, and multi-register operations communicating via the high-speed internet to the Private Server or Cloud Hosting Servers anywhere in the world.

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  1. Software Support
    1. Software Support

      • Aralco offers our customers year-round support, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week on all POS emergencies. Calls are directed to our fully-staffed call center, where they are recorded, prioritized, assigned and tracked.
      • Software support is normally provided by phone, or if necessary, through computer linkup. Online support is provided worldwide, with site visits provided when necessary.
      • Our software is designed and manufactured by Aralco and we also provide our products and services through our experienced partner network. We understand our product best and by dealing directly with our customers, we deliver the most efficient software support and service available.
  2. Software Installation
    1. Software Installation

      • Locally or globally, our clients get the personalized attention needed to implement our system. Installation is streamlined through the Internet. Once the hardware is in place, Aralco can install the program on-site or overnight using the customers’ own internet connection.
  3. Data Import Utilities and Services
    1. Data Import Utilities and Services

      • Aralco offers Data Import Utilities and Services from a client’s previous system such as:
        • Customer Profile Records
        • Product Details
        • Inventory Values by Location
        • Supplier Information
        • Past Sales
        • Customer Purchase History
      • These files can be provided in MS Excel format which we supply the templates for and import new client data.
      • We can also provide a Data Import Utility to existing clients for ongoing data import from their supplier’s product lists to keep their system updated with the suppliers’ latest products and pricing.
  4. Support & Service Quality
    1. Support & Service Quality

      • Customer service is a top priority in retail. The same attitude is demanded by our retail clients. We realize this need and have taken all the necessary steps to assure our users of the best service that money can buy, direct from the manufacturer. This means equipping ourselves with the most comprehensive computer systems. All calls go through the call center (over 35 operators) and all POS emergencies are handled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
      • Some of the benefits of our advanced support call handling system are to:
        • Record and track all support calls in order of priority
        • Provide online support to any location in the world
        • Record and respond to recommended program enhancements
        • Provide solutions to client needs
      • For all emergencies, software support is available during all store hours seven days a week, all year round. Normally support is provided by phone and if required, by computer linkup. Site visits are provided when necessary.
  5. Automated Updates
    1. Automated Updates

      • As we listen to our clients, our system functionality continues to get richer. We share that knowledge with our clients through our product upgrades, which are designed to make every element of retail operations easier.
      • All software upgrades are included in our support program and delivered to you via the Internet. This means that our clients never miss having the latest features, freeing up valuable time to spend where you need it most – with your customers.
  6. Consulting
    1. Consulting

      • Our ongoing customer feedback tells us that the majority of retailers want an objective view of their business operations. We have the experience to analyze their current environment and develop customized solutions that can be applied to accounting, inventory management, marketing, and all other aspects of retail and wholesale operations.
      • We help clients collect information, streamline processes, and make better business decisions. For many retailers, this can be a daunting task. For us at Aralco, it’s what we do better than anyone else.
  7. Training
    1. Training

      • A great product can only be successful if your organization members know how to use it. At Aralco, we go to great lengths to give our clients the training they need to maximize the benefits of our technology.
      • The entire training process is never rushed. We make sure that your organization has a good fit with the new system before we move on to training to ensure maximum functionality. We work with our clients to develop training schedules around client preferences and carefully monitor progress. This is particularly true within the first six months, which we consider the most crucial period in the system implementation. While it takes a very short time to learn how to use the POS system, we provide a fully operational training module with the standard POS program. This ensures that staff have ample time to practice, without the worry of errors to actual inventory and other data. We also offer online and video training.
      • Our instructors know the Aralco systems inside and out from having used it in live retail environments themselves. Because many of our team come from retail backgrounds, they understand client challenges that go beyond technology. We want to see every client succeed, and because of our extensive experience, we’re able to offer invaluable advice on making your business better.
      • Training is also available in the form of videos through our website. This way you can have unlimited access to our in-depth knowledge-base system at your convenience anytime, anywhere. Your staff can use this system at home or in your place of work.
  8. Systems Analysis
    1. Systems Analysis

      • A new product requires the knowledge of client needs and requirements to provide solutions. Upon accepting a commission, Aralco works very closely with your organization to determine the problems that our system must solve. From sales transactions to order entry, existing processes are reviewed to ensure full understanding of what the client needs.
      • Analysis of current procedures is necessary to prepare the appropriate system for our customers. Our entire staff works to make sure that the best processes are mapped out for our clients’ smooth transition to our program.
  9. Custom Programming
    1. Custom Programming

      • Apart from dealing one-on-one with our customers, the majority of Aralco employees agree that creating customized solutions is one of the challenges we like best. Our passion lies in solving problems, streamlining processes, and otherwise helping customers succeed. Every time we add new capabilities to our software, we know that it becomes even more useful to our clients across the industries we serve.
  10. Inventory Management
    1. Inventory Management

      • With Aralco systems, retailers will immediately notice streamlined processes, improved control over administration activities and increased time to focus on customers.
      • A large concern for retailers from every industry is inventory control. A goal we share with our clients is to bring inventory discrepancies to less than one percent. From the recommendation of professional physical count companies to the rental of handheld computers for accurate in-store counts, our support staff provide the expertise and instruction to guarantee efficient inventory control.
  11. Hardware
    1. Hardware

      • With all the connections and partnerships Aralco has established over the last decades, clients can get all the necessary hardware required to implement our system. However, because hardware is not our primary focus, our clients always receive the most objective recommendations and the best value.
  12. 3rd-Party Server Hosting
    1. 3rd-Party Server Hosting

      • Many clients have chosen to have their main database hosted on third-party servers which can be reliable and fast with co-location capabilities. If you’re considering moving from a traditional in-house IT infrastructure strategy, a third-party server has some advantages including automatic backups of your data.
      • Aralco can work with our IT Partners to facilitate a temporary or permanent private server hosting solution. Whether you are having difficulties with your own server equipment or connections or if you want to transfer your hosting to the cloud, we can provide an IT Specialist designated to your server and your account.
  13. Data Backup & Recovery Options
    1. Data Backup & Recovery Options

      • In order to better serve our customers and ensure the safety and security of their valuable data, Aralco, through its partners, offers all the necessary automatic off-site backup and recovery plans required to make sure our client’s system is always operational.
      • Services include:
        • Secure Remote Server
        • Remote Access to data
        • Automatic Backup
        • Multi Data Copy
        • Replicated / Sync Database
        • Affordable Solutions
        • Quick Recovery
  14. e-Commerce & Website Design
    1. e-Commerce & Website Design

      • Aralco offers website design, e-Commerce setup, implementation and ongoing support. This is provided using Aralco’s own CMS and Shopping Cart Systems.
      • With this service, client’s product and inventory systems are directly linked with their website and act in real-time with no hesitation as the communications between the inventory management and the shopping cart are live and real time without the need for ‘upload/downloads’ of batch files which can cause ‘out-of-sync’ information being displayed on their website.
      • Check out our additional e-Commerce options here. For further information about e-Commerce integration and/or website design please Contact Us today!

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