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Automatic Searching

Automatic Searching The Find Customer and Item windows can be setup in Point of Sale, and Back Office to behave...
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Can receipts be automatically e-mailed?

Can receipts be automatically e-mailed? Absolutely. With the following settings, any customer with an e-mail address will automatically receive a...
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Cannot process Gift Card

Cannot process Gift Card If you have authorization turned on for your Git Card payment tender (Point of Sale »...
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Cannot run end of day

Cannot run end of day If you try to run the End of Day and you get a message similar to...
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Changing Minimum Order Deposit

Changing Minimum Order Deposit The Aralco Point of Sale can be configured to require a minimum deposit for orders, quotes,...
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Changing Tender Keys

Changing Tender Keys To change the Tender Keys for all registers: Go to Back Office » POS » Tender Key Setup;...
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Changing the receipt message

Changing the Receipt Message There are two methods to go about changing the message that appears at the bottom of...
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Changing the Sales Tax Rate

Changing the Sales Tax Rate The sales tax rates are managed within File » System Options » Tax Types. Any changes...
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Coin Rounding

Coin Rounding The Aralco POS system easily handles coin rounding for countries where the lowest common accepted coin value is...
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