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Can receipts be automatically e-mailed?

Absolutely. With the following settings, any customer with an e-mail address will automatically receive a copy of the receipt and/or invoice.

NOTE: The default e-mail client must be set to SMTP in order for the automatic e-mail feature to work.  Click here for additional instructions on setting up POS to use an SMTP mail server.

      1. Within Point of Sale, go to Setup » Software Options » Settings or within Back Office, go to POS » POS Settings and select the register to change;
      2. Navigate to [+] POS Automatic Emails and set the fields to:
        1. Allow CC to sender… Answer Yes if you want a copy sent to the e-mail address defined in [+] SMTP Email Settings » Sender’s Email;
        2. Allow Sending Emails… Answer Yes to allow the automatic sending of e-mail to customers with a valid e-mail address;
        3. Message Body… Enter the body of the message to be included with the receipt or invoice;
        4. Message Subject… Provide a meaningful subject for the e-mail;
        5. Send Invoice… Answer Yes to send copies of invoices to customers;
        6. Send Receipt… Answer Yes to send copies of receipts to customers;
      3. Save your changes, and restart Point of Sale;
      4. Repeat this process for each register you want to have automatic email enabled at.

If you require further assistance, please contact our Support Department at 604-980-4199 ext 2., or click on this link to submit a support request.



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