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Cannot process Gift Card

If you have authorization turned on for your Git Card payment tender (Point of Sale » Setup » Software » Tender Key Setup), the system will rely on having access to the Back Office system.

Not being able to access the Back Office database is the most common reason a Register cannot issue or take a gift card as a method of payment.

To check communication status, click on Setup » Communication status from the main Point of Sale program screen. If everything is well you’ll see the following:


If the Internet Access or Connection to Server have a red X beside either of them then the Gift Card system will not be able to verify the Gift Card.

To troubleshoot this you’ll need to determine where the problem lies.

  • If the Internet Access has a red X, and you connect to a remote server for your Back Office, then your internet is down. Please contact your IT person for assistance.
  • A red X beside the Connection to Server is a little trickier to troubleshoot. Possible reasons for this include the server is disconnected from the network or turned off, the Microsoft SQL Server process on the server is not running, or the POS workstation has lost network connection (if the server is local).

If you require further assistance please submit a support request through our on-line service, or contact our Help Desk at 604-980-4199 ext. 2.

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