Aralco Product Information

Product Information

Aralco Retail Systems specializes in Inventory Control, Point of Sale (POS) and CRM software systems. Due to its powerful and feature-rich capabilities, the Aralco POS software can accommodate a broad range of business requirements making it ideally suited to a large variety of POS applications.


The Aralco software includes the following main components:

  • POS Software System that records sales transactions
  • Back Office System (BOS) that stores and analyzes data for maximum efficiency and profitability
  • Communications function that links remote locations together
  • User-definable Report Generator that enables businesses to design their own sophisticated reports

The POS system archives, tracks and analyzes literally thousands of types of data related to products, sales statistics, special orders, locations, customer profiles, staff performance, and inventory movements. Information is available on a real-time basis, so that businesses can base their decisions on accurate and timely facts.