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Adding a New Sales Tax

Adding a New Sales Tax http://aralcoco.w18.wh-2.com/Content/Upload/Aralco/0204_setup_taxes.mp4 If you require further assistance, please contact our Support Department at 604-980-4199 ext 2.,...
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Archiving Old Back Office Data

Archiving Old Back Office Data Whether you’re database is reaching its limit, or you simply want to cut back on...
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Automatic Searching

Automatic Searching The Find customer and item windows can be setup in Point of Sale, and Back Office to behave...
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Back Office Run-time error ’91’

Back Office Run-time Error ’91’ This error usually occurs when the Microsoft SQL Server is not available. Typical reasons for this...
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Cannot see sales in Back Office

Cannot see sales in Back Office This usually occurs when the sync_server application is not running on the server, or...
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Changing the Sales Tax Rate

Changing the Sales Tax Rate The sales tax rates are managed within File » System Options » Tax Types. Any changes...
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Creating Promotional Prices

Creating Promotional Pricing http://aralcoco.w18.wh-2.com/Content/Upload/Aralco/7_Promotion_Setup.mp4 WARNING: BE SURE TO CHANGE THE PROMOTIONAL PRICING AND NOT YOUR RETAIL PRICING!!! To create a time...
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Deactivating Customers

Deactivating Customers http://aralcoco.w18.wh-2.com/Content/Upload/Aralco/Deactivating.mp4 To deactivate a customer that you no longer wish to sell to, bring up the customer record...
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