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Fields for Custom Labels

The following is a list of fields available to use when using custom barcode labels:

Field Name Description
QtyLabels qty of labels to print
ProdCode product code
ProdName product name, first 21 characters of
ProdName_15 product name, first 15 characters of
ProdName_30 product name, next 15 characters of – to be used with ProdName_15
ProdName_33 product name, next 18 characters of – to be used with ProdName_15
ProdName_35 product name, first 35 characters of
ProdName_40 product name, first 40 characters of
ProdNameCustom_X,Y product name, Y characters starting with character in position X
ProdDesc product description
ProdDesc_35 product description, first 35 characters of
Barcode product barcode
Price price
OrigPrice original price
RetailPrice retail price
Price2RetailText for 2 prices on label – text retail (from settings)
Price2OriginalText for 2 prices on label – text original (from settings)
Price2RetailValue for 2 prices on label – retail price value
Price2OriginalValue for 2 prices on label – original price value
DimName1 dimension 1 name
DimName2 dimension 2 name
DimName3 dimension 3 name
DimName4 dimension 4 name
GridVAL1 dimension 1 value
GridVAL2 dimension 2 value
GridVAL3 dimension 3 value
GridVAL4 dimension 4 value
SupplierProductCode supplier product code
LaserStyle4DisplayText value from Settings / Barcodes / Laser Style 4 Display Text
DepartmentCode department code
SupplierCode supplier code
ReceivedDateCode received date code
ProductUOM product unit of measure
DiscountCode discount code
Quantity quantity of same labels printed in the batch
Language language name
SerialNumber serial number
GroupVal1 grouping 1 value
GroupVal2 grouping 2 value
GroupVal3 grouping 3 value
GroupVal4 grouping 4 value
GroupVal5 grouping 5 value
GroupVal6 grouping 6 value
GroupVal7 grouping 7 value
GroupVal8 grouping 8 value
GroupName4 grouping 4 text
GroupName5 grouping 5 text
GroupName6 grouping 6 text
GroupName7 grouping 7 text
GroupName8 grouping 8 text
Store store code
CompanyName company name
WarehouseLocation warehouse location
PurchaseOrder Purchase Order
BarcodeDescription Barcode Description

NOTE:  All field names have to be enclosed by the <FLD> </FLD> tags; i.e. <FLD>FieldName</FLD>.

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