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Deactivating Products


There are three product deactivation radio buttons within the Product profile:

  • Order… The product will no longer be able to be placed on a Purchase Order or Received;
  • Sell… The product cannot be added to a sale, a return, or put on a special order (Order, Quote, Layaway, Repair);
  • Inventory… The product will not be able to be viewed in Inventory or entered into a physical count;

To disable a deactivated item from showing in the product Lookup:

  • Within Back Office, set Utilities » Settings » System » View Activated Items Only to Yes;
  • Within Point of Sale, for each Register, set Setup » Software Options » Settings » View Activated Items Only to Yes.

If you don’t want to see deactivated items in a report, you’ll need to use a product range Filter like below.


Deactivating Barcodes

In addition to deactivating entire products, you can limit this to specific barcodes for a dimensional product. For example, if a specific color is no longer available, don’t delete the color from the grid or the barcode, deactivate it.

To do this, go into Products and bring up the item. Click on the Properties tab and then System Generated (Grid). Hold down the Ctrl key and click on the grid combination that is to be deactivated – repeat this for each cell to be deactivated. The cell(s) will still exist but will display red and will no longer be available to order, sell, or check inventory.

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