Several new clients are going live this year in various parts of the globe, namely USAKenya, Singapore, Malaysia. We thank all our capable partners for making this happen.regionsMap

New businesses that have selected Aralco as a system provider that are going live in 2016 include:


Singapore – Specialty Grocery store chain  Feb-2016

Canada Hardware & Flooring Wholesale/ Retail chain Jan-2016

USA Arkansas – Plumbing & Electrical Retail/ Wholesale

Canada- Seafood Retail/ Wholesale Chain Dec-2016

Canada – Cosmetics Retail Chain 

Canada – Children’s Clothing Chain

Canada – Nutrition Supplement Chain

Canada Alberta/Ontario – Footwear Stores

Canada – Art Museums

Canada – Flooring & Finishing Manufacture/ Wholesale

Canada – Duty-free Operation

USA New York – Electronic Supplies

USA Wisconsin – Farm & Pet Supplies

USA California – Winery Equipment Supplies

Malaysia – Theme Park Operators

Philippines – Electronic Retail Chain

Kenya – Automotive Part Distributors

This year, we have implemented several new clients from various parts of the world. Some of our completed implementations include:

Large chain of sporting goods stores in Singapore selling top global brands such as Adidas, Puma, Converse, Nike 

Large computer supplies chain in Philippines

Flooring Supplies chain in the USA & Canada

Auto Parts Supplier with locations in Ontario

Ladies Apparel Manufacturer and Retailer with locations in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong

Martial Art Member Management system in Singapore

Fabric Designer and Retailer operating in Alberta, Manitoba (Canada) and USA

Automotive Parts Distribution company in Africa

Accessories Retailers operating 29 locations in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario (Canada)

Building Supplies company with operations in Alberta and Ontario with Headquarters in USA