Aralco Completes 2 New Payment Processing Interfaces 

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Aralco Completes New Payment Processing Interfaces for TD (Canada) and Global Payments/OpenEdge (Canada/USA)

The Aralco POS payment processing module was developed to offer our clients an integrated, cost-effective and efficient method of processing debit and credit card transactions. It was designed to be installed as an integrated component of the Aralco POS solution, thereby simplifying the point of sale process.

You can reduce errors, double entry, and paper while having less clutter on your countertop with a high-speed, one-step integrated payment processing system. The new pin pads are EMV (chip) compliant, providing the ability to process payments with pin number-enabled credit cards.

With the installation of the optional Aralco payment processing module for TD, Global/OpenEdge and Moneris all transactional information will go through the Aralco workstation and is printed on the Aralco receipt.