Aralco’s New Conditional Promotion Feature

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Conditional Promotion Feature

With this new and powerful ‘Promotions’ feature, retailers can set up discounting and promotion rules in the back office that will be applied at POS at the time of customer purchase.

The basic description of this feature is: If you ‘purchase’ this item or that item, you will receive a % or $ discount as a ‘reward’ on the specified items.

You can set up conditions such as:

If a customer purchases a certain quantity of items or minimum purchase amounts from a Department or Sub-Departments/Categories, they will receive a preset number of items at a % or $ discount for the same or any Department or Sub-Department/Category’.

There are optional settings such as a restriction to stipulate that in order to receive the promotion rewards, customers must purchase items at full retail price rather than discounted values. Also, there is a setting that can be set up so the ‘Reward’ items should be of a lesser value than the least expensive item in the ‘Purchase’ condition.