Aralco’s Current Projects

Our new Website (CMS) and e-Commerce development is going extremely well with many sites already live and performing well for our clients. e-commerceWe have completed online Gift Registry functionality to our system where customers can register in-store or online with the options of purchasing registered items in-store or online.

With the growing demands for real-time e-Commerce product and inventory updates as well as automatic insertion of web orders directly into the shipping & handling department database, we are receiving increasing numbers of requests for our e-Commerce tools from both new and existing clients.

We are developing a number of new integrated e-Commerce/website projects to work with Magento, Word Press (WooCommerce), Shopify, Drupal, Qwik/Jammicron and others. A number of these integrations are already up and running.

As well, we are creating new features such as linking the Frequent Shoppers Reward Systems and On-Account Payments in the e-Commerce system.

Our mobile system development will be getting to some clients in the next couple of weeks offering features such as Real-time Product and Inventory Lookup, Physical Counts and Goods Receiving, Inter-location Stock Transfers using affordable mobile devices such as iPads, Android and MS Surface tablets.