Aralco’s New Conditional Promotion Feature
With this new and powerful ‘Promotions’ feature, retailers can set up discounting … Continue reading "Aralco’s New Conditional Promotion Feature"
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Aralco Completes New Payment Processing Interfaces
Aralco Completes New Payment Processing Interfaces for TD (Canada) and Global Payments/OpenEdge (Canada/USA) The … Continue reading "Aralco Completes New Payment Processing Interfaces"
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Aralco Completes Closed Cash Management Interface
Aralco has created an interface that integrates with the Closed Cash Management … Continue reading "Aralco Completes Closed Cash Management Interface"
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Dashboard Reports
Aralco Mobile Dashboard Reports
ARALCO is pleased to announce the development of our Dashboard Reports ‘Real-time’ … Continue reading "Aralco Mobile Dashboard Reports"
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Aralco Integration for Electronic Shelf Labelling Systems (ESL)
Aralco Retail Systems will be completing its integration with Electronic Shelf Labelling (ESL) … Continue reading "Aralco Integration for Electronic Shelf Labelling Systems (ESL)"
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Moneris ICT250
Aralco Integration with Moneris iCT250 Pin-pad Terminal
Aralco Retail Systems has completed an update to the interface for the Moneris iCT250 … Continue reading "Aralco Integration with Moneris iCT250 Pin-pad Terminal"
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CashGuard Integration to Aralco POS
  Aralco Retail Systems is pleased to announce that our Partner in … Continue reading "CashGuard Integration to Aralco POS"
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Aralco POS for Integrated Retail Management
Aralco Retail Systems is a powerful, user-friendly Retail Inventory Management, Business Systems … Continue reading "Aralco POS for Integrated Retail Management"
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Aralco Installations
New Installations
Several new clients are going live this year in various parts of … Continue reading "New Installations"
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Current Projects
Aralco’s Current Projects Our new Website (CMS) and e-Commerce development is going extremely well with many sites … Continue reading "Current Projects"
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