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Aralco Hardware and OS Requirements

Hardware and OS Requirements Important Notice Before upgrading your hardware, it is important to be aware of the peripherals that...
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Archiving Old Back Office Data

Archiving Old Back Office Data Whether you’re database is reaching its limit, or you simply want to cut back on...
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Back Office Run-time error ’91’

Back Office Run-time Error ’91’ This error usually occurs when the Microsoft SQL Server is not available. Typical reasons for this...
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Backup to Shared File Location

Backup to Shared File Location The Aralco Backup utility uses the buit-in backup facilities of Microsoft SQL Server. If you want...
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Cannot see sales in Back Office

Cannot see sales in Back Office This usually occurs when the sync_server application is not running on the server, or...
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Couldn’t connect to server:

Couldn’t connect to server: <IP Address> This error message appearing when starting the Aralco Back Office (BOS) is caused by...
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IP Address Change

IP Address Change If you’re changing the static IP address at your head office, and your remote locations point to...
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Migrating the Aralco Server

Migrating the Aralco Server If you don’t feel comfortable migrating the Aralco server by yourself, this is available as an...
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Registering POS DLL Files

Registering POS DLL Files The Aralco Point of Sale depends on various DLL files to be registered with the Windows...
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