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Hardware and OS Requirements

Important Notice

Before upgrading your hardware, it is important to be aware of the peripherals that you are currently using. We highly recommend preparing a thorough inventory of your hardware prior to upgrading.

This is especially critical if you plan on keeping some older hardware. Most modern PCs do not have parallel ports and parallel/usb adapters don’t play well with Windows 10. If you have any parallel printers or devices, you’ll probably have to replace them with devices using a USB interface.

At the bottom of this article is a PDF file outlining our current recommended configurations for servers and workstations.

A few basic rules of thumb to follow:

  • For reliability, use pro versions of SSD drives for the server where possible. You can mix standard drives for the OS and a pro SSD drive for the database;
  • Use at least a RAID 1 storage setup for your server. In this case, if one drive fails you have one up and running;
  • Employ as much RAM as possible on the server and workstations;
  • Avoid using the server as a workstation in multi-user environments;
  • Do not use wireless networking for your POS workstations and/or server. This cannot be stressed enough;
  • Be sure to have a proper off-site backup solution for the server;
  • Assign static IP addresses to all networked devices, especially when employing networked pinpads such as the iCT250 from Moneris;
  • A UPS (uninterrupted power supply) at the server and each POS workstation can spare you a whole lot of grief;

If you require further assistance, please contact our Support Department at 604-980-4199 ext 2., orĀ click on this link to submit a support request.

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