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Migrating Back Office Only to a new workstationn

If you don’t feel comfortable migrating the Aralco application by yourself, this is available as an add-on service. Please contact the Aralco Help Desk at support@aralco.com for a quote.

It is always a good idea to let our Support Department know in advance in case they have some knowledge of your installation that you should be aware of before proceeding.

Click here if you also run the Aralco Point of Sale application on this workstation.

Follow these steps when migrating your Aralco Back Office system to a new workstation:

  1. On the old workstation, make a copy of the entire ARALCO directory;
  2. Login to Windows on the new workstation as a user with local administrator rights;
  3. Copy the ARALCO directory from step 1 onto the new workstation;
  4. Set User Account Control to its lowest setting, and disable Smart Screen (Windows 8.x and 10 only);
  5. Within your Anti-Virus / Security Software, add an exception or exclusion for the <drive>\ARALCO folder;
  6. Right click on the ARALCO folder, select Properties » Security, and change the permissions for all users to Full Control;
  7. Change into the <drive>\ARALCO\BOS folder, right click on the ARALCO.EXE program, and select Send to » Desktop (Create shortcut) – feel free to change the name of the shortcut;
  8. Using a web browser, download the Aralco TeamViewer remote help utility by pointing to http://aralco.com/help. Place the file downloaded onto the desktop so that it is available should an Aralco Support Rep be needed to provide assistance;
  9. Login to the Aralco Back Office program using the shortcut create in step 7, and ensure that it is functioning properly.

If the Back Office program does not start up as expected, please contact our Support Department at support@aralco.com or

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