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Backup to Shared File Location

The Aralco Backup utility uses the buit-in backup facilities of Microsoft SQL Server. If you want to backup to a shared folder that is on another computer, you cannot use a mapped drive letter such as F:, G:, H:, Z:, etc. SQL Server only supports FQDNs (Fully Qualified Domain Names).

For example, if you have a shared folder called FILES on the computer called SHAREDSERVER, you would need to set the Utilities » Settings » Backup » Backup File Path to its FQDN of \\SHAREDSERVER\FILES.

Even though you may have G: as the drive letter mapped to \\SHAREDSERVER\FILES, the Microsoft SQL Server backup facility does not support this and will fail.

You’ll also need to be sure that there are no issues with login or rights accessing this share, otherwise the backup will also fail.

One final note, the Aralco Backup utility also requires SYNC_SERVER to be running. The SYNC_SERVER utility checks the schedule and executes the actual backup.

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