Aralco Integration with Electronic Shelf Labels

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electronic-shelf-labelAralco Retail Systems will be completing its integration with Electronic Shelf Labelling (ESL) Systems and will be ready for roll-out in 2016.

Product information such as MSRP prices, description, categories, bar code number sets, promotion names and prices, etc., are uploaded to the ESL’s store server which in turn broadcasts the data to the electronic shelf labels. These are connected via a high-speed two-way radio frequency (RF) technology which supports up to 30m’s transmission distance.

This integration offers retailers a complete solution with its high definition, instant update, lower cost display and it provides in-store shoppers an improved buying experience.

The ESL system is a highly-customizable solution suitable for any retailer, it enables wireless instant update of label content effortlessly from an individual display to every ESL across entire retail floors.