Custom Solutions To Meet Your Business Needs

Our clients depend on our powerful and user-friendly Point of Sale and Retail Inventory Management software
to grow their business and integrate essential front and back office systems.

To explore the features of the Aralco POS and Back Office system, please register to view our online demonstration.

Our clients are long-term business partners.

Aralco’s Tailored Experience

Aralco’s Retail POS and Inventory Control software is designed to accommodate the whole spectrum of retailing from single stores to large chains with multi-company, multi-department, and multi-register operations communicating via the high-speed internet to the Private Server or Cloud Hosting Servers anywhere in the world.

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  1. System Analysis
    1. System Analysis

      • – A new product requires the knowledge of client needs and requirements in order for Aralco to provide solutions. Upon accepting a commission, we work very closely with your organization to determine the problems that our system must solve. From sales transactions to order entry, existing processes are reviewed to ensure a full understanding of what the client needs.
      • – By doing so, Aralco is able to custom-fit and prepare the appropriate system for your organization. To alleviate any transitional concerns, our entire staff works to make sure that the best processes are mapped out for our clients’ smooth transition to our program.
  2. Hardware Selection
    1. Choosing the Right Hardware For The job

      • – With all the connections and partnerships Aralco has established over the last decades, clients can get all the necessary hardware required to implement our system. However, because hardware is not our primary focus, our clients always receive the most objective recommendations and the best value.
  3. Software Installation
    1. Installing your New Software

      • – Around the block or around the world, our clients get the personalized attention they need to implement our system. Installation is streamlined through the Internet and once the hardware is in place, Aralco can install the program on-site or overnight using the customers’ own internet connection.
  4. Data Import
    1. Aralco Data Import

      • – Aralco offers data import utilities and services from a client’s previous system including:
        • * Customer Profile Records
        • * Product Details
        • * Inventory Values by Location
        • * Supplier Information
        • * Past Sales
        • * Customer Purchase History
      • – These files can be provided in MS Excel format which we supply the templates for and import new client data. We can also provide a Data Import Utility to existing clients for ongoing data import from their supplier’s product lists. This is a great way for businesses to keep their system updated with their supplier’s latest products and pricing.
  5. Training
    1. Tailored Training Program

      • – A great product can only be successful if your organization members know how to use it. At Aralco, we go to great lengths to give our clients the training they need to maximize the benefits of our technology.
      • – The entire training process is never rushed. We make sure that your organization has a good fit with the new system before we move on to training to ensure maximum functionality.
        We work with our clients to develop training schedules around client preferences and carefully monitor progress. This is particularly true within the first six months, which we consider the most crucial period in the system implementation.
      • – While it takes a very short time to learn how to use the POS system, we provide a fully-operational training module with the standard POS program. This ensures that staff have ample time to practice, without the worry of errors to actual inventory and other data. We also offer online and video training.
      • – Our instructors know the Aralco systems inside and out from having used it in live retail environments themselves. Because many of our team come from retail backgrounds, they understand client challenges that go beyond technology. We want to see every client succeed, and because of our extensive experience, we’re able to offer invaluable advice on making your business better.
      • – Training is also available in the form of videos through our website. This way you can have unlimited access to our in-depth knowledge-base system at your convenience anytime, anywhere. Your staff can use this system at home or in your place of work.
  6. Consulting
    1. Consulting Services

      • – Sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes to find a solution. An objective view of your business operations can help you to make the right decision. We have the experience and know-how to analyze your systems and determine the best solution. Our consulting expertize stretches across all aspects of retail and wholesale operations. This includes accounting, inventory management, marketing, and other departments.
      • – We help clients collect information, streamline processes, and make better business decisions. For many retailers, this can be a daunting task. For us at Aralco, it’s what we do better than anyone else.
  7. Programming
    1. Custom Programming and Design

      • – We understand that you have complex business needs. And that the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t fit everyone. Sometimes you need a customized solution for your POS and inventory management.
      • – Our tailored programming will help you streamline your processes and your customer experience. We are always evolving the capabilities of our software and can create a system for your business needs.
  8. e-Commerce Design
    1. e-Commerce Website Design

      • – Aralco offers website design, e-Commerce setup, implementation and ongoing support. We have built a unique CMS and Shopping Cart System to better meet your e-Commerce needs.
      • – Our secret? Your inventory system communicates in real-time with your website, without any hesitation. Eliminating the need for uploading and downloading batch files. Preventing out-of-sync information and missed orders.
      • – Check out our e-Commerce options here. For further information about e-Commerce integration and/or website design please Contact Us today!