A great product can only be successful if your organization members know how to use it. At Aralco, we go to great lengths to give our clients the training they need to maximize the benefits of our technology.

The entire training process is never rushed. We make sure that your organization has a good fit with the new system before we move on to training to ensure maximum functionality. We work with our clients to develop training schedules around client preferences and carefully monitor progress. This is particularly true within the first six months, which we consider the most crucial period in the system implementation. While it takes a very short time to learn how to use the POS system, we provide a fully operational training module with the standard POS program. This ensures that staff have ample time to practice, without the worry of errors to actual inventory and other data. We also offer online and video training.

Our instructors know the Aralco systems inside and out from having used it in live retail environments themselves. Because many of our team come from retail backgrounds, they understand client challenges that go beyond technology. We want to see every client succeed, and because of our extensive experience, we’re able to offer invaluable advice on making your business better.

Training is also available in the form of videos through our website. This way you can have unlimited access to our in-depth knowledge-base system at your convenience anytime, anywhere. Your staff can use this system at home or in your place of work.