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Toy Jungle

Toy Jungle

Toy Jungle – Aralco Customer since 2009

Finally, a system that does what it says it is going to do! The Aralco Retail System is very easy to use, but some parts require a certain competency. The point of sale is easy and safe. It also features compatibility with website, great reporting, ease of purchasing, and a great support team who care.

It meets all of our needs, but they are constantly reaching for more. I am really happy about that. The phone support is great and timely. There are different people for different types of issues, and this is really helpful.

Many systems have ease of use on the front end, but few can really deliver on the back end. The owner of this product is very passionate about making his customers happy and constantly adapts the program offerings to suit current retail conditions.

It would be nice if the support was less expensive. Having said that, I have learned that you get what you pay for. I had several systems before this one, and without the proper support, you pay in labour costs and the inability to make timely decisions.”

Gary Mussatto, Co-founder of Toy Jungle

About Toy Jungle:

Gary and Misti are the founders of the Toy Jungle in Vancouver, British Columbia, and since 1997 their community stores have been putting smiles on kids’ faces and bringing families together with unique toys from around the world.

They both come from a background in the entertainment business and in 1997 they started an indoor play centre for kids called the Gator Pit. Little did they know at the time that this business would teach them about inspiring children, bringing families together and creating community, all of which lead to the creation of the Toy Jungle, whose sole mission is ‘Creating a Fun-Loving Community Together.’ “Toys and games are secondary,” says Gary, “It’s the smile in the eyes of the kids that I love!”