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Wood Floors by JBW

Wood Floors by JBW | Aralco Client since 2014

We just recently implemented the Aralco POS and BOS modules in July of 2014 and were up and running with a production system in about 4 weeks from the date we signed our contract. We had no POS system whatsoever to replace so our starting point was literally ground zero. The Aralco project management team helped us every step of the way providing us with everything from data cleansing to report creation to in-store training.

We have stores in both the United States and Canada and all 5 stores use the system as well as our head office/warehouse and manufacturing facility. The Aralco POS and BOS modules have provided us with a needed tool to control inventory, manage customer demand and get control of our costs and profitability.

The POS system provided by Aralco that we use in our store is so user-friendly and efficient that we allocated 3 days of on-site training but only used one-half day to get the staff up to speed. The real cost to implement is minimal due to the fact that the systems are built for users – not programmers. Even the most technically challenged users can be operating efficiently in a matter of hours not days.

We were promised support from the Aralco team to ensure our success – the commitment/service and advice provided by the dedicated support team exceeded our expectations.

We can now plan to expand knowing that our system is on solid ground. I would recommend Aralco to any small- to medium- sized retailer who is looking for a solution that will deliver immediate results.

Rick Boucher
Chief Operating Officer