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 Walk with Ronson’s | Aralco Client since 1991

Over two decades ago, Walk with Ronsons was consumed with the challenge of growing from one store to two. It was at this critical juncture that they hooked up with Aralco; there was no question that the company needed help coping with the new challenges associated with rapid business growth.

Now with 19 locations, the shoe retailer is more reliant than ever on Aralco’s technology. In fact, Walk with Ronsons has built their business around Aralco POS and retail inventory management software systems.

“Business growth is a great problem to have,” says General Manager Tony Aronson. “However, it is really not easy taking that first big leap. We needed to grow without compromising customer service. Aralco helped us do that.”
Stability and ease of use are the major selling points of the Aralco system, according to Tony.

“To be effective, a system has to be easy to use,” explains Tony. “When we hire 18 or 19 year olds, they are familiar with computers, so they don’t require much training. However, we also have older staff. It’s important that they are comfortable using our system.”

Reliability is also critical. “One of the best things about working with Aralco is that we don’t have to worry about the system going down,” says Tony.


Aralco’s very first customer, Walk with Ronsons is still a dedicated Aralco POS Software System user. “We have basically built ourselves around the POS software system” says Tony. “We couldn’t have made the leap to a second store and kept growing without Aralco.”

The POS software system helps Walk with Ronsons manage their many stores in the following ways:

  • The simple interface makes it easy for staff to learn.
  • Its reporting feature helps predict future product needs so they can order accordingly.
  • It maintains inventory control—a critical feature for a multiple-store operation.
  • The system is stable, which is extremely important in a busy store.

“If we ever need anything, I just call Aralco,” says Tony.

“Our biggest challenge is staffing and building teams,” he adds. “Having a reliable system allows us to focus our time on the people who make our business successful—our staff and customers.”

About Walk with Ronsons

Thriving in the retail business for over two decades, Walk with Ronsons has built a reputation for exceptional customer service. “We sell service,” explains Tony. “We simply use shoes to do it.” This philosophy has allowed Walk with Ronsons to grow from one store to nineteen and maintain a loyal customer base. “If polishing shoes or replacing laces means that the customer will walk away satisfied, we will do it,” says Tony. “Our entire company is dedicated to service – nothing else.”