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Moe’s Home Collection

Moe Samieian has been in the home beautification market for over 20 years! While searching the world for beautiful area rugs, he was struck by how many other beautiful pieces of furniture and home accessories he would come across. So, instead of just decorating floors he decided to take on whole rooms! This was how Moe’s Home Collection Stores were born.

You’ll find two Moe’s Home Collection Stores in Vancouver, BC with another store set to open in Seattle, Washington in April of 2006. Any visitor to their stores will be rewarded with a selection of exquisite pieces including armoires, dining tables, sofas and sleek leather chairs. Moe’s emphasis is on bold, simple pieces with chunky design elements that will inspire journeys and invite admirers to imagine their faraway origins.

Moe’s first became a customer of Aralco in June of 2006, with an installation of Aralco’s POS and Back Office system in the store as well as their consolidation centre in China.

According to Sara Samieian of Moe’s “We had been working with a horrible system for two years and enough was enough!  The software lacked functionality and they came out with upgrades almost weekly. When we tried to download these upgrades our system would crash!  Their technical support was a disaster; it was difficult to get a support person that knew what they were talking about let alone one that would call you back promptly.”

Once they decided to make a change they asked retail colleagues in the U.S. for recommendations of good software suppliers. Surprisingly, no good suggestions were provided. Sara clarifies, “Either people weren’t happy with what they had installed or they had cobbled together their own in-house systems. Only one or two retailers got back to us saying that they were happy with their POS and back office software provider but we found those solutions to be ridiculously expensive!”

That left Moe’s on their own to find some suitable software packages to consider. They came across Aralco Retail Systems and set up a demonstration.

‘When you’ve worked with a disastrous package you’ve very well equipped to articulate what you MUST have in a new package. We had a long list of requirements of any new system we would consider’ says Sara. ‘Aralco had no problem delivering on every need and even offered features we didn’t know existed.”

“We are delighted with Aralco. Their support and training has been exceptional. They are prompt, professional and we love the fact that they can log onto our systems when necessary to fix problems”.

‘Training staff on the new system was virtually pain free. Aralco offers video training which we found very helpful.  We requested that our staff watch the videos and organized one on-site staff training day. After that we were off to the races. Sure, there are the odd questions but I can usually answer them myself.”

When Sara was asked to pick the best feature of Aralco she didn’t hesitate, “The reporting capabilities of Aralco, hands down, is the best feature in my mind. They have lots of standard reports but it’s the ability to create custom reports easily and quickly that really impresses me.”

Moe’s Home Collection was named Vancouver’s Best Independent Furniture Store for a third consecutive year in 2015 by the readers of Vancouver lifestyle and entertainment newspaper The Georgia Strait.

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