KOMART Supermarket


KOMART Supermarket

Komart Supermarket | Aralco Client since 2006

It is my great pleasure to advise that Aralco has been handling our accounts in Bangladesh for the past decade and have proven to be extremely knowledgeable in the field of inventory management and POS systems.

Aralco has been and will continue to serve us to the best of their abilities and offer a complete and diverse line of retail software solutions for our business. It has been an excellent choice for us.

We at KOMART Supermarket are very satisfied with the smooth and steady progress in our business relationship for more than a decade.

The results to date say a lot for the quality of work being offered by Aralco. We, therefore, recommend Aralco as a high-calibre provider for a wide range of inventory management and POS system requirements.

Sincerely yours,
Chairman Jake Choung