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Cantu Bathrooms & Hardware

Cantu Bathrooms and Hardware | Aralco Client since 1992

At Cantu, we offer a very wide selection of products from all over the world. Our customers’ projects can stretch over a long period of time. This means complicated sales orders. Aralco covers all that. It is a powerful program written over a long time by different programmers and the support team is very helpful, friendly, and quick to respond.

Aralco has been our software provider since 1990. We have forged a really close relationship over the years. We have gone through many changes and upgrades together. Some of those were brought by outside forces, some were requested by Cantu to help with inventory control and customer service. I really like this company’s straightforward philosophy: everything is possible; all it takes is time and money. Since they write programs themselves, they can customize it to suit your particular needs and requirements.

I would recommend Aralco to any retail business, whether they are new or just looking for a change.

Krystyna Pacocha | Cantu Bathrooms and Hardware Ltd. Vancouver, BC, Canada