Why businesses choose Aralco POS & ERP Systems
to grow their operations

Aralco Credibility and Client Support⦁ Over 3 decades of experience in manufacturing solutions for retailer chains
⦁ Still have our first customer currently with 20 stores
⦁ Recent client satisfaction survey results show over 95% of our clients would recommend us to other businesses
Full Custom Solution Services⦁ Once the standard system is implemented, we offer customization to adapt the Aralco software to our client’s specific needs which could include new additions to the program as well as modifications to existing functions
Accurate Inventory Control
with full Audit & Historic Visibility
⦁ Advanced Inventory Control & intelligent Automatic Stock Replenishment solutions, full audit using “smart” physical counts, drill down to “activity” history such as receiving, transfers, sales, return to vendors, best & worst selling items, support for multi-dimensional grid matrix, serial numbers and weights & measures support
Customer Profile-Customizable by End-user⦁ CRM, likes & dislikes, custom data capture, past purchase history, target email marketing, unlimited custom data fields capture & reporting.
Staff Management⦁ Security, access rights, attendance tracking (finger scanners), commission, performance analysis, staff scheduling
Supplier Management⦁ Margin & profit performance reports, delivery statistics, volume discounts, sell through reports, returns tracking
Off-line Point of Sale – Always ON⦁ Robust, fast, easy-to-use, flexible and powerful  feature-rich POS to handle all of today’s  retail needs such as integrated payment processing, gift cards, gift registry, touch screen, finger scanners, fast printers, barcode scanner
User-Designable Applications⦁ Aralco’s built-in User-Designable application development tools enable user to create their own applications unique to their own business and have them automatically connect to Aralco’s built-in Report Generator
Built-in Reporting
Fully User- Definable
⦁ Built-in, User-definable Report Generator enables you to create unlimited number of custom reports as well as using over 200 standard retail-proven reports
Accounting Interface to a System of your Choice⦁ Interface to most popular accounting software such as QuickBooks, ACCPAC, Sage 50 & others
Unlimited 24/7 Support and Upgrades⦁ This is included in our fixed service costs which will give you peace of mind that you will have unquestionable support with no cost surprises. With the unlimited upgrade program, your software will always be up-to-date with technologies so you never have the need to change your software again.
Features for a Vast Variety of Businesses⦁ With clients in over 25 industries, features specific to other industries can be used to create a system unique to your business and not just your industry.