Aralco Retail Systems

Aralco Retail Systems has been in operation in Canada since 1982 with a primary focus on inventory control and retail management software including point of sale (POS), Back Office and administration software design, data processing, database design, consulting, custom software development, installation, training and support.

Whether you are in the business of apparel, furniture, grocery, plumbing, retail services where charges are by the hour, Aralco’s POS Software solution ensures retail and wholesale businesses have all the necessary tools to succeed in the global marketplace.

Aralco Retail Point of Sale and Inventory Management Solutions

In 1985, Aralco was commissioned by a retail chain of 40 stores to design, develop and implement a point of sale system. Since then, Aralco’s main activities have been in retail inventory management software development with clients across North America and many other parts of the globe including Asia and Africa.Aralco POS Logo

The Aralco Retail POS software is designed to accommodate retailing from small to medium size chains to single stores working on a single-user system.  

The Aralco team includes systems analysts, programmers, trainers, support, and marketing personnel whose passions for providing complete solutions to retailers’ needs go above and beyond the call of duty.

Software Manufacturer 
The software is designed, manufactured, and marketed by Aralco and its strategic partners. Even when the program is purchased through a partner, Aralco will ensure the client’s expectations are met. This is important at the time of installation and even more crucial later, when support is needed.

Retail Focus
Aralco Retail Systems has been dedicated to retail customers since 1982. This longevity is a key that should not be overlooked when retailers are choosing a company to serve their needs. Our investment in our software research and development over the past decades has been substantial. Retailers can rest assured that we will stand by our clients and continue to support our product.

Total Solutions Vendor
Aralco provides for all your needs, including business analysis, product demonstration, custom programming, software and hardware implementation, staff training and after-sales telephone and on-site support, all under one roof.
Clients only need one source for all of their inventory control requirements; an invaluable tool in a challenging business environment.

Retail Consulting Services 
We have always been extremely selective when seeking a new member for our team. Retail experience, integrity, customer service orientation, and superior technical skills are among the long list of criteria we consider when recruiting and hiring.

Retail-driven Product 
Our program has been designed and developed using the valuable input received from our customers. This is the most important strength of the product, as there is a vast overlap in requirements from one retailer to another, regardless of their vertical market.

Our greatest achievements, as evidenced by the almost unlimited range of applications available for our program, have been the direct result of listening to our clients. And now that our customer base includes everything from retailers, service sector, manufacturing and consultants, we are ready to take on even more challenges in programming than ever before.

At Aralco, we share one passion:  “to provide solutions.”

Recommendations from other Retailers
A great portion of our sales are a result of recommendations by our existing users. This is an immensely gratifying statistic, indicating that:

  • We survey our clients on a frequent basis in order to gauge our products and services
  • We have outstanding support from our satisfied customers (over 95% of our clients will recommend us to others)
  • The product gets stronger as more ideas flow in from new users
  • Our longevity is assured, which directly benefits our customer base.

Aralco offers the best power-to-cost ratio on the market.
Our program offers capabilities and features retailers cannot afford to be without. It is also more cost effective when the correct decision is made the first time, rather than having to replace an unsuccessful product with the Aralco system. In fact, over 80% of our business is the replacement of other systems that failed to deliver due to inadequate support, faulty software and lack of flexibility.

We offer an excellent training package, customized to your unique needs and delivered in multiple formats, bundled as part of every implementation. Supported by online training videos and documentation, our training staff will provide personal training to your key staff and will continue to support your new staff.