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Escents Aromatherapy

Jacquie McNeil was 23 years old when she fell in love with scents.  Her passion that started with a modest 4 x 10 foot table at a local Vancouver flea market has spawned an aromatherapy empire that now includes 29 stores worldwide including countries as far away as Taiwan and Korea.

Escents has been an Aralco customer since 1999 when they realized that their manual systems and cash registers simply couldn’t provide the function they needed as a four store operation.  Luckily, Aralco has been able to keep up with their phenomenal growth which not includes not only their 29 retail stores but also a vibrant e-commerce and wholesale business.

While it was Aralco’s user-friendly interface that initially appealed to them, Escents now feels one of the key benefits of Aralco’s system is their Automatic Purchase Order System. Dave Kershaw, Escents’ former CFO, feels that the name of this module doesn’t do it justice. “It’s way more than just an Automatic Purchase Order System.  It’s really a Demand Forecasting System that allows us to create automatic P.O.’s on intelligent data. The time that this saves is incredible and anyone in retail knows that inventory management is the name of the game. When you are a multi-store operation purchase orders can become a nightmare but Aralco’s system saves us an incredible amount of time and energy.”

Escent’s Aromatherapy is truly a Canadian success story and we like to think that Aralco played a role in that success!

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